Proverbs and Sayings
The righteous plow the ground and makes the soil good,
when seed grows in good soil the end result is a great

The Taskmaster thinks being a taskmaster is plowing, and
wonders why there is never a great harvest.

Throwing seed onto unplowed ground will not often
produce, though there are times a plant grows, though how
can a plant produce good fruit that remains, growing in
unprepared ground?

A taskmaster will point out your faults and tell you what
you should be doing, the righteous will tell you about truth,
and truth will become your teacher, the fruit of truth is that
your faults and weakness will drop off and you will start
being who God created you to be.

The Transgression of the people of God  is not walking in
Truth, building on false foundations will not have lasting

False teachers will stop your ears from hearing truth, hearing
truth will set you free. Lighting the candle of your inner man
awakens you to truth.

Truth is not a doctrine, Truth is God breathing His word in
your spirit and mind.

A Taskmaster that teaches will be your teacher, The fruit
that comes from the righteous is; the Lord will be your
teacher, thus making Truth your teacher.
One will keep you dependent the other will set you free to

A Taskmaster will separate the bad people from the good
people and the good people from the better people. While
the righteous will separate the truth from the false and in so
doing do not discriminate the weak and the poor.

What is better than walking with God, God
deciding to walk with man.

Those that fear the false will follow the false,
while the truth is there for those that trust

One that does the works of God expects God to
confirm those works, while a counterfeit will end in

When God draws near to a sinner, how can they have
any other response than to say woe is me and to seek
the forgiveness that He offers.

Truth is not a doctrinal position, Truth is a
conversation with the Father.

The Breath of God gives life and it destroys death.

The Glory of God makes All the difference.

Elijah means Yahweh is God, the Spirit of Elijah is the
Holy Spirit, Jesus said He has come, and will come,
and will restore all things. The power released in the
Spirit of Elijah is the power that restores all things.

God’s Covenant with us is to share the truth that he
has revealed in our hearts.

The Meek will inherit the earth this is the promise, the
meek are peacemakers. If there is the meek in the
earth there fruit is peace.

The fruit of peacemakers is that man will learn war no
Isaiah 2:4  Micah 4:3

Fear not little flock it is your Father's good pleasure to
give you the Kingdom.

The Glory of God reaching the heart changes

God said in the beginning ''light be'' or “let there be light”,
and light was. He didn't say light do. Light does because of
what it is.

A revival that starts in eternity has eternal fruit.

True rival is an eternal awakening.

True revival is the eyes and the ears being opened to truth.

Rest is ceasing from your own works.

Rest is relying on God.

Rest is yielding your heart to God.

Rest allows God to show himself as God.

Rest allows God to make His home in you.

Rest is knowing there are more for you than there are against

Rest is knowing that your victory is assured.

Rest is having all of heavens resources at your disposal.

Rest is knowing that God does not have any accusation
toward you.

Rest is knowing that God will do for you what He has

Rest is knowing that His word is faithful and true.

The fruit of rest is heaven.

Rest is Peace.

The scoffing of the mocker will cease.

The fiery furnance is in the earth Matthew 13:42 &
Matthew 13:50 it is a place of weeping and gnashing
of teeth. Those that look to Jesus and yield their
hearts To God will not be touched but rather will shine
brighter and brighter.

Reading the word will quench the fire and the worm
will die.

The vile mixed with the precious strangles growth.

The wicked need to turn from their ways, the
unrighteous their thoughts.
Isaiah 55:7

Wrong thinking is unrighteousness, it is wrong belief.

We are to seek first the Kingdom of God and His

Righteousness is simply explained it is thinking God's
Men confuse righteousness as a position, rather it is
knowing your position and knowing what you have.
Look to Abraham, he believed God.

Wrong thinking is the vile.

God gives favour to the righteous.

Those that find God's help have success.

The success of the naturally talented is fleeting, while
great exploits are achieved by the afflicted, humble,
lowly, needy, poor and the steps of the lean, needy,
poor man, weaker. Because God becomes their
Isaiah 26:6

The path of the righteous becomes level, He clears a
smooth path for the righteous.
Isaiah 26:7

Preaching and believing less than the New Jerusalem
is falling short of the glory of God.

Am I amongst a people that don't believe thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is heaven?
Psalms 133-1
Psalms 133-2
Psalms 133-3

The way of the world is to depend on man, the way of
the kingdom of God is to depend on God.

One can talk a lot and not say much, while one can say a
little and much is said.
The vile mixed with the precious will make a little one
stumble. But the precious without the vile will turn a small
one into a giant.

Righteousness is imparted to one that receives Christ.
One that shines as the sun has been overtaken by
Being cleansed from all unrighteousness is the New

When the Word of God for is sold for profit how is it
not tainted?
Do we drink impure water?

Counting of days is not a Kingdom activity.
Eternal life is end of days.
The words 'it is finished' ring true.

Matthew 11:27
No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one
knows the Father except the Son and those to whom
the Son chooses to reveal him.

Matthew 24:36
No one will ever know of that day or hour unless the
Father reveals it. God reveals secrets when we get
silent and quiet coming to Him inclining our ear.

In seeking comes a desperate desire to want to find.
How to understand rightly the word of God, or rather
how to find the Word of God in the bible. First Jesus in
the fulfillment of both old and new and judgment is
satisfy in His death. Jesus is the Head, His teaching
expanded on what was already written, we need to
follow His example.
Any new testament teaching needs to be confirmed
with the old in the light of the cross this will keep you
from error and falling into the fruitloop syndrome.
There are teachings by new testament writers that
venture beyond what is written. To treat things written
without proper confirmation ventures onto the grounds
of idolatry. Just because one person says it, is doesn't
make it so. Only when God says it, that makes it so.
Separating the precious from the vile makes way for
the glory of God to be revealed, so that every eyes
see's it.